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Travel Necessities for a Long Coach Journey

Travel Necessities for a Long Coach Journey

Article by Masons Coach Hire

A day trip is great fun and the atmosphere on your coach is bound to be exciting, but when travelling long distances it’s always a good idea to come prepared so that you can enjoy travelling as much as possible. After all, the journey is part of the experience! It’s a great place to make friends and meet like-minded people who share your interests. Not only that, but it makes your outing stress free, as you don’t have to fret over the logistics. Here at Mason Minibus and Coach Hire, we aim to make your trip the very best it can be from start to finish! Don’t forget these travel necessities when you join us on an excursion.

Travel Pillow

A small neck pillow is always a good option for a coach journey, as it allows you to relax comfortably when sitting up. You may not want to sleep during your morning journey, but after a busy day out it may be just the thing you need on the way home. Even if you aren’t planning on snoozing, it’s a handy item for relaxing with a book.

Comfortable Clothing

On a day trip, you obviously want to dress appropriately for the event or destination you are headed to, but it is also important to be comfortable on your journey both there and back. Bring layers so that you can adjust to the temperature in the coach.


Stay Hydrated

One of the most important travel necessities to pack is plenty of water. Stay hydrated throughout the day to keep energy levels up and prevent headaches. Don’t worry, there will be opportunities to use a toilet!


For a long journey, it’s always a good idea to cover all bases and prepare for the worst. If everyone is chatting and sharing stories, great! But if fellow travellers would rather keep to themselves or take a nap, what better excuse to get out your favourite book or iPod.


At any time of year the sun can be shining, and it is enhanced by the glass windows on the coaches. To ensure you can enjoy the views, pack your shades to keep on top of the glare.

Freshen Up

It’s always a good idea to bring some hand sanitisers or wipes to freshen up before eating or drinking. Pop a bottle in your bag so that you can stay germ free throughout the day.


When travelling with Mason Minibus and Coach Hire, remember to bring your travel necessities and enjoy your day out with our experienced and friendly team! To get in touch to arrange an excursion or book onto one of our events, please call 01296 661604.