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Mason’s Luxury Day Trips: The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup

Horse Racing

Article by Masons Coach Hire

With Royal Ascot finished for the year, you may be lamenting the finish of the racing reason. However, if you’re looking for your next summer adventure, Mason’s can offer you the exciting opportunity to attend The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup in August.

The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup

The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup is held at the Ascot race ground and is one of the most engaging Ascot events in the global racing schedule after Royal Ascot. It is unique in that it features exciting racing as well as a thrilling musical concert, with the directors of Ascot being keen to make Ascot eventing open and accessible for all to enjoy.

All Ascot occasions are considered to be luxury entertainment events synonymous with elegance, class and style. Because of this, there is a strict dress code, with women required to wear a formal dress and hat at all times. Hats are not compulsory for girls under the age of 17, though summer appropriate formal wear must be worn. Men must wear a matching suit piece with a shirt and a tie, though boys under the age of 13 aren’t required to wear a suit jacket or a tie. Children under the age of 18 who are accompanied by an adult are allowed into the racecourse free of charge on race days.

Racing Enclosures

The racing is the main event of The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup. There are three different enclosures you can view the race from.

The Queen Anne Enclosure:

Located within the wonderful woodland area next to the Windsor Great Park, the Queen Anne Enclosure is the perfect place to enjoy the Shergar Cup experience. There is a range of different places to eat and drink, and there are betting kiosks and shops dotted around in the main grandstand. After the racing is over, it is a tradition for guests to head to the Bandstand to join in with a sing-along song.

The King Edward VII Enclosure:

Ascot’s King Edward VII enclosure is the ideal place for racing enthusiasts to experience the amazing features of Ascot. While watching the day unfold, guests will be able to enjoy an exquisite selection of bars and fine dining options. Guests attending The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup will also have priority in choosing stage-side positions for the musical concert.

Winning Post Enclosure:

Located on the ground floor at the West End of the Grandstand, the Winning Post Enclosure offers racegoers an exclusive area close to the winning post. Private viewing lawns and garden terraces are available to relax. There are also exclusive bars and restaurants to enjoy. The enclosure is only a few paces from the live concert area, where ticket holders in the Winning Post Enclosure will have top priority access to the music concert and be closest to the stage.

Other Attractions

The live music concert is the most popular feature of the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup day after the racing itself. From 4.30pm to 8.30pm popular music acts such as Rita Ora, Example, DJ Wire and Scott Mills will all be performing at this year’s event. A fairground on the Ascot grounds adds to the day’s unique and cheerful festivities, with champagne and cocktail bars dotted across the racecourse. Racegoers are allowed to bring a picnic to enjoy while they watch the race, however, Ascot has recently updated their picnic policy: bringing alcohol is no longer allowed to the day’s events in an attempt to ensure all guests have a safe and fun experience.

With all the exciting attractions on offer at The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup, it has become well known for being the perfect luxury sporting event with a variety of entertainment for the year’s last opportunity at summer fun. Mason’s Coaches are offering a coach service to The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup on Saturday 11th August for £45.00. We will arrive at the Ascot Shergar Cup grounds at 1.00pm and leave at 9.00pm, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the events of the day.

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