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Great Days Out: A Family Trip to The Black Country Museum

an image of a storefront at the black country museum

Article by Masons Coach Hire

What is it?

The Black country Museum is an award-winning section of the west midlands; located in Dudley, this open-air space with live action and interactive exhibits has evolved over 40 years of creativity and inspiration into a place where learning becomes fun! Unlike most of the museums you are likely to have been to, this unique setting replicates everyday life in the 1930/40’s for those living in the Black Country. Being the first industrial landscape in the world, the surroundings, jobs, buildings and costumes in this museum are very different from those of the 21st century.

Family Fun

Learning has never been so enjoyable! The museum engages adults and children of all ages with charismatic residents, authentic buildings, trams to ride, games to play, and plenty of stories to hear. Don’t just look at history; immerse yourself in it! The Black Country Museum has been recognised as one of the UK’s great days out with the kids and has won countless awards such as the ‘Best Museum Visit in the School Travel Awards 2016/17’.

Film and TV

Our coach trips to the Black Country Museum may surprise you! A visit to the museum may leave you walking around the set of your favourite film or TV series. Great days out to The Black Country Museum are even more impressive once you learn that their authentic cobbled streets and shop fronts have been used in cinematic filming. You could be walking in the footsteps of Thomas Shelby; a notorious gangster in the 1910/20’s BBC drama, Peaky Blinders, which was film mostly around the Canal Arm of the museum. The BBC six-part series, Our Zoo, was also filmed at the museum, and tells the story of Matt Charman, who created Chester zoo in the 1930’s.

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