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Keep Comfortable on a Coach

An image of the inside of a Masons Coach Hire large coach.

Article by Masons Coach Hire

No matter how long your coach journey is, you want to feel comfortable throughout. Here at Masons Coach Hire, we have been providing high-quality coach hire for many years and in our latest post, we discuss our top tips for keeping comfortable when you travel with us.


If you’re travelling with many bags of luggage, utilising the storage space is the best way to ensure the comfort of yourself and others on the coach.

Be sure to use the overhead storage holders, as well as the storage beneath the coach. By doing this, you will allow yourself the maximum room in the seat and avoid using the isles or the floor beneath your seat which could cause a trip hazard.


Whether you are looking to catch up on some well-needed rest, read a good book or watch your favourite movie, there are some measures you can take to ensure you remain comfortable.

All Masons Coach Hire coaches come with reclining seats, but you can increase your comfort by using a neck pillow or folding a scarf into a pillow to support your neck. If you want to sleep on the coach and think your head will fall forward, you can support your neck by reversing a neck pillow and using it to support your chin.

Other things you can do to increase your comfort is to take your shoes off and replace them with a fresh pair of socks or slippers.

If you want to relax on the coach and not interact with other passengers, remember to bring some headphones. Whilst in-ear headphones are smaller and easy to pack, over-ear headphones may be much more comfortable for longer periods of time and drown sounds better.

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Our dedicated team always go the extra mile to ensure your comfort throughout the course of your journey with us. Whether you are looking for minibus hire for you and a small group of people or large coach hire, we can help. Call us today on 01296 661604 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.