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Make the Most of Your Annual Leave Entitlement – Spring & Summer 2018

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Article by Masons Coach Hire

How does a 24 day break but only taking 14 days of your annual leave entitlement during spring sound? If you fancy travelling around Europe or going on a long break to somewhere exotic, this would be the ideal situation; if you take advantage of your annual leave entitlement effectively, you can make this happen! Below, we’ve shared a few tips for taking advantage of your annual leave to give you long breaks and making lots of plans over the summer without having to use so much holiday time from work.

Make Use of Bank Holidays

Thanks to how the May bank holidays fall this year, you can use just 14 days of annual leave entitlement and get a 24 day break! There’s a bank holiday on Monday 7th May and Monday 28th May; so, if you start your break on 5th May and end it on 28th May, you’ll only be taking off 14 working days. This is the perfect break for people that want to go travelling for a few weeks! There’s also a bank holiday on Monday 27th August; so if you fancy a short break somewhere, take advantage of using this weekend!

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Weekend Breaks

If there’s so many things you want to do and see during spring and summer, why not take a few weekend breaks rather than full weeks? Give yourself a 3 or 4 day weekend by taking off a Monday or Friday (or both); it’s so easy to travel to places in Europe or in the UK for a short break. Find an organised weekend holiday to go on such as the Guided Battlefield Tour in Ypres, Belgium; get in touch with Masons Minibus and Coach Hire to find out more about this trip.

To find out more about day trips and coach holidays you could go on when using your annual leave entitlement over spring and summer, contact the team at Masons Minibus and Coach Hire. Give us a call on 01296 661604 or fill out our online contact form.