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UK Destinations: Why Margate Should Be On Your Day Trips List

UK Destinations: Why Margate Should Be On Your Day Trips List

Article by Masons Coach Hire

Day Trips To Margate

For many years, Margate has been painted in the bad light of other seaside UK destinations; bedraggled B&B accommodation, noisy promenades, bad food and even worse weather. But in recent years, Margate has found itself in the midst of a cultural renaissance. Since the launch of the Turner Contemporary gallery in 2011, having been heavily supported by Tracey Emin, Margate has become a hub of eclectic energy, fizzing with excitement and regaining its reputation amongst the top UK destinations to visit and explore.

Combine the quirky charms of a traditional British holiday town with contemporary art, a laid back atmosphere, retro shops, colourful seaside buildings, and inviting sandy beaches, and you have Margate. It’s recent revival has sent local businesses booming, and the idyllic English seaside location is now thriving with weekend breaker, visitors from day trips and local residents.

Art, art and more art!

Since the opening of the Turner Contemporary, the town has had an explosion on it’s art scene. There are galleries dotted all over the place, from the harbour to the high street, all with an emphasis on local work. The Affordably Affordable Street Art Boutique continues to pave the way in showcasing original street art, and manages the Margate Street Art wall where artists are regularly invited to create a fresh design. The Turner Contemporary is free to enter and is located harbourside; built on the site of Turner’s historic home, paying homage to his roots in Margate itself.

The Shell Grotto

The Shell Grotto is one of Margate’s long lived mysteries and is still amongst the unanswered questions surrounding UK destinations. Discovered in 1835, a network of caves and underground tunnels leads to a 2000 square foot mosaic, decorated with 4.6 million shells. The reasons for the grotto are still unknown, believed by many to be the historic headquarters of a cult gathering or a pagan temple of worship. The original discovery took Margate residents by surprise, and visitors continue to be delighted by it now.

The energy in Margate is positively buzzing, and is truly not to be missed. Here at Mason Minibus and Coach Hire, we are so excited by what the bustling town offers that we have organised day trips to take advantage of the fun to be had only a short drive from our doorstep! If you are interested in coming along to Margate on a Mason coach, please head over to our days out page, or give us a call on 01296 661604.